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At Vonder, we have seven different custom-made collections. They are available for kitchens, cabinets, items of furniture, doors and panelling; in other words, they cover any type of interior woodwork. The collections can be produced in a wide choice of types of wood and finishes. The authentic Manorhouse collection forms the basis, and the modern Library collection is derived from that. The Quarto collection has a Spanish influence. The Piet Hein Eek kitchen collection is the result of one of our partnerships, plus we have developed the Luxury FG collection in conjunction with FG stijl and last but not least our collaboration with Kate Hume has most recently produced the Crosby collection. See the overview below.

Vonder | Crosby kitchen tailor-made

Crosby Collection

In collaboration with Vonder, Kate Hume and Frans van der Heijden have designed a luxury lifestyle collection. Kitchen, library ...

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Vonder | Manorhouse collection, sliding doors in cabinets


The classic 'Manorhouse' concept forms the basis of Vonder's collection. From the 17th century onwards ...

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Vonder | wardrobe in walnut, tailor-made


Vonder developed the 'Library' concept as the antithesis of the classic Manorhouse'. 'Less is more' ...

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Vonder | full-wall cabinets and panelling in anigre wood with a soft finish

Luxury FG

This collection of cupboards, doors and panelling combines sturdy construction with refined details and exceptional materials ...

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Vonder | Quarto cabinet tailor-made in walnut


The 'Quarto' concept is a modular system based on the shape of a square; an idea that evolved ...

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Vonder | Cooking table, design Piet Hein Eek

Kitchen Piet Hein Eek

This exceptional cooking table is 5 metres long, enabling a number of people to cook at the same ...

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Vonder | Custom-made cabinet, Design studio Wolterinck

Wolterinck Collection

The Wolterinck collection is based on a standalone custom-made wall unit with protruding shelves ...

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