Apartment Amsterdam

The architect

Situated on the edge of Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is this apartment with its own lift. Based on the design by interior architect Mees Hurkmans - Meesderwerk, the apartment was fitted out by Vonder using American walnut and dark-coloured oak. The consistent use of a number of carefully selected natural materials throughout the home creates a sense of tranquillity and space. The materials are the only source of colour.

A central block

The central block in the property is clad in dark oak, which has also been used for the doors and wall units. This block houses a variety of functions including cloakroom, storage, meter box, the lift and a wall unit. This element forms a division between the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, which would otherwise all be in the same open space. The bathrooms are fresh and light thanks to the white fittings and the white Corian sink cabinets. The sand-coloured travertine lends the room a natural warmth.

Vonder |	cabinet tailor-made
Vonder | cabinets tailor-made
Vonder | detail drawer in study
Vonder |	Dressing room in American walnut
Vonder | flat doors, tailor-made in dark-coloured oak.
Vonder | 	headbord and dressing tailor-made
Vonder |  paneling tailor-made
Vonder | Dressing and paneling in American walnut
Vonder | dressing tailor-made in walnut
Vonder | near Vondelpark
Vonder | cabinets tailor-made in walnut
Vonder produced the frameless floor-to-ceiling doors edged with nutwood and with bronze-finished hand-crafted handles.

On the edge of the park

'The villa on the edge of the urban park is one of 13 historiclisted buildings designed by Henry Evers. ...

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Vonder | A custom-made kitchen keeping in with the local Twente countryside. It is painted in a solid green

Farmhouse kitchen

The kitchen is custom-made and in keeping with the local Twente countryside. It is painted in a solid green and includes panels ...

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Offices with international allure

Offices with international allure

The client had a clear request: “Create a warm and timeless interior where it’s a joy to work, with enough space ...

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Vonder | bespoke walk-in wardrobe in walnut and  smoked-glass doors

Next to the Crown Estate Het Loo

This splendid villa is situated next to the Crown Estate Het Loo. Interior architecture studio Océan created ...

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Vonder | Projects | Listed country manor

Listed country manor

A long driveway winds through the country estate to the manor house, built in 1927 and now an official listed ...

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Vonder |  The Crosby kitchen is made from brushed and dyed oak in combination with high-gloss elements and an inclined marble worktop.

Loft in Zurich

A former office space in Zurich has been converted into a luxurious yet understated city loft apartment ...

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Vonder | Entrance to 900 Mahler. wall units, doors and reception

Entrance to 900 Mahler

This residential tower on Mahlerlaan in Amsterdam's Zuidas neighbourhood introduces comfortable ...

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Vonder | the wall units in the sitting room combine light and dark-coloured types of wood

Villa in Zeeland

This classic-style, architect-designed villa is situated in the expansive landscape of the island of Goeree-Overflakkee ...

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Vonder | galleries and ceilings finished in grey walnut

On the outskirts of Delft

An impressive home, designed by Linda Pol. Thanks to the presence of so much natural light, the ambiance ...

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Vonder | Kitchen 'on legs' finished in deep bronze

Cooking table

Apartment on Amsterdam's grand Lohmanstraat where the owners struggled to deal with the dimensions ...

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Apartment Amsterdam

Apartment Amsterdam

Situated on the edge of Amsterdam's Vondelpark is this apartment with its own lift. ...

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Vonder |  Wall units in anigre wood with stingray-clad recesses for art

Loft Amsterdam

Apartment in a characteristic building on Amsterdam's PC Hooftstraat designed by FG stijl ...

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Vonder | an extendable outdoor table


The white house is built up against a cliff and looks out over the turquoise sea stretching endlessly ...

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Vonder | panel doors, cabinet's and plinth


This detached villa dating from 1878 was completely stripped and rebuilt. For the designers Alice Tazelaar and Erjan Borren ...

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Vonder | Library in 'Vonder White' paint


This country house dates from 1937 and is situated in the forest in the Dutch Veluwe region. Its closest neighbours ...

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Moscow | Library in black , design Kate Hume


This impressive house is located in the Odinzov district, in the western part of Moscow. Kate Hume was inspired ...

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Vonder | Panelling in natural wenge

Office for Coulisse

The company Coulisse specialises in window decorations and is prominently located on the busy ...

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Vonder | Panel doors coated in a soft black varnish

On the banks of the Amstel

This classical manor house, which is surrounded by farms and situated on the river Amstel, was built in ...

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Vonder | Cupboard in a brown-grey colour with a vivid, fresh contrast


This stately, late 19th-century house is located in the centre of the Dutch village of Voorschoten. All the historic elements ...

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Vonder | Panelling in high gloss, The College Hotel

The College Hotel

This building, dating from 1894, is a former school - a role still evident in the wide staircases, 5-metre-high ...

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Vonder | Private jet lounge in anigre wood and capiz shell panelling

Private Jet Lounge

SUMMUM the Private Jet Lounge Schiphol Airport in Luxury FG, anigre wood and capiz shell panelling. ...

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Vonder | The modern cooking island, French-polished in a gloss finish


A strong collaboration between the owner, interior architect Erjan Borren and Vonder produced this elegant house ...

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Crosby Collection by Kate Hume for Vonder

Co Luxury

Co van der Horst and Vonder have been a team for years, and Co features almost all of Vonder's collections. The most recent ...

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Vonder | cabinet tailor-madeVonder | cabinets tailor-madeVonder | detail drawer in studyVonder | Dressing room in American walnutVonder | flat doors, tailor-made in dark-coloured oak.Vonder | headbord and dressing tailor-madeVonder | paneling tailor-madeVonder | Dressing and paneling in American walnutVonder | dressing tailor-made in walnutVonder | near VondelparkVonder | cabinets tailor-made in walnut
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