Bronze finishes

The quality of a finish depends on focus and a passion for the craft. In the Vonder workshop, we regularly work on projects that include not only wood finishes but also bronze finishes. The bronze finishing process entails a complex series of treatments, one after the other. The work can be almost meditative as one becomes absorbed in the moment of treating, sanding, brushing and varnishing, to create an item with lasting beauty. The result is sumptuous high-quality metal with a unique warmth and expressive. 

Vonder |Bronze finishes

Bronze finishes

The quality of a finish depends on focus and a passion for the craft. In the Vonder workshop ...

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Vonder | In the middle of the factory, we placed a fountain - just like in an Italian square, the place where people gather

The Vonder Factory

As a building, the Vonder factory exudes peace and restraint, with a sense of space, with weathered boards ...

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Vonder | gloss finish of panel doors


Vonder works with sustainable wood which is carefully selected, cut and dried. Most of the wood ...

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Vonder | massive dried oak

French Quarter

There are a number of ways a tree can be cut. The quality of the planks depends on the method ...

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Vonder | Quarto tabletop

Quarto panel

A Quarto panel is composed of four triangles, cut from one piece of faux quarter-sawn wood that the ...

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Vonder | Special chisel for a particular profile


In order to make a special profile or shape, Vonder works with numerous different chisels. Every joint between two pieces ...

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Vonder |  'the thunderbolt', a special joint

The thunderbolt

In the woodwork, Vonder has developed a special joint: 'the thunderbolt'. This joint ensures that no movement ...

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Vonder | Every chisel has its own milling cutter template

Milling cutter template

Every chisel has its own milling cutter template which protects the head of the chisel during milling ...

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Vonder | corner of a Quarto table

Corner of the table

To make the corners of the tables even stronger, a special construction has been designed: a steel cap has been ...

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Vonder | Test assembly

Test assembly

The interiors of Vonder are unique and tailor-made. Each complete interior is assembled in ...

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Vonder | Packed in woollen blankets, sustainability.

Packed in woollen blankets

Sustainability plays an important role in the whole production process, from the untreated wood through ...

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Vonder | Recycling, from wood-shredder to heating of the building


One of Vonder's basic principles is sustainability. This applies not only to the woodwork, but to ...

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