Hans Olthaar

Olthaar Ontwerpen

Jozef Israëlstraat 37
6501 BE Nijmegen
T: +31 (0)24 32 44 445

Hans Olthaar inspires people – he sets them thinking. He collaborated with Vonder on the design of their new factory, which resulted in the formulation and subsequent execution – in all its aspects – of Vonder’s vision.

“I believe that you sometimes just have to do things, impulsively. I decided that people in Africa needed affordable housing, so I went ahead and did it. Before I start on a design, I first want to have a concept. Vonder and I have been working together for many years. I think up a concept and make the rough sketches, and then Vonder is good at turning them into a product. To my mind, every piece of furniture, every design should go beyond answering the original question and should include an added functional benefit. In addition to providing storage space, a cupboard also has a spatial impact. A good building depends on a good interior, and vice versa, which is why I regard them as one and the same. It is also about beauty: durability is also about designing in a way that ensures long-lasting beauty. I see that in Vonder’s work. And I see good people who appreciate that.”

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