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Co van der Horst

Binderij 2
1085 ZJ Amstelveen
T: +31 (0)20 64 12 505

Business hours

ma di wo vr 10 - 18.00
do 10 - 21.00
za 10 - 17.00

A company specialised in interiors and furnishings, has been providing advice to homes and businesses about tasteful interior designs for over a century. Its experts are passionate about their work and can draw on many years of experience. With its ever-changing range of products reflecting the latest trends in home accessories and a wide variety of styles, the company’s shop is an endless source of inspiration. As certified purveyor to the royal household, Co van der Horst can be called The Netherlands’ best homeware store, and it forms part of the 'Amstelveen design village' along with various partners.
Co van der Horst understands the idea of a total concept, which achieves peace and tranquillity for the customer by integrating each and every aspect. The company collaborated with Vonder on a project to create a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe – a Vonder concept, developed in line with Stefan van der Horst’s wishes: ambience and luxurious details in a rich space, with high-gloss panelling with strips of leather in between, a built-in desk and the walk-in wardrobe fitted with illuminated back walls and a sitting area. A Vonder ‘Manorhouse’ room, a ‘Quarto’ office and the ‘Library 50’ concept are also on display at Co van der Horst.

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Co van der Horst | Conceptstore Vonder

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walk in closetjapanese compartments
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