Gerritsenweg 11
7202 AC Zutphen
T: +31 (0)575 583 656

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Ma 13.00 - 17.30
Di wo do za 10 - 17.30
Vr 10.00 - 21.00

CILO stands for 'Collection of Interior and Lifestyle Originals'. It offers a stunning collection of items made with a passion for beauty and quality, by renowned designers from both The Netherlands and abroad. Design classics, contemporary design and futuristic concepts – pieces of furniture that capture your heart and make you fall in love with them, over and over again. After all, design is durable, timeless and should last for generations. The CILO team support customers in creating their ideal personal living space by offering friendly and helpful advice, and are happy to explain more about the designers. The inspiration, the ideas and the concepts behind an armchair, a sofa or a lamp can often be fascinating and add extra value to design furniture.
In collaboration with Vonder, CILO developed a modern take on the ‘Library 25’ cupboard, without plinth. This can be placed either to fill an entire wall, and hence be fully integrated into the room, or positioned as a stand-alone piece which fits well with CILO’s approach. In addition, the Vonder ‘Library 50’ concept is also on display at CILO.

Vonder | Interior designer Marcel Wolterinck

Marcel Wolterinck

Marcel Wolterinck and his team have worked their magic on all manner of interiors, exteriors, patios, gardens and products ...

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Vonder | Interior designer Kate Hume

Kate Hume

British-born, Amsterdam-based, Kate Hume creates interiors that are as elegant as they are eclectic. Hume blends stunning spaces ...

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Vonder | Océan


Océan’s designs are always unique – each design has its own story and pays close attention to lines and angles ...

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Vonder | Interior designers FG stijl

FG stijl

Luxury is found in bespoke services and attention to detail. It is through the details that the world will become ...

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Vonder | Co van der Horst, conceptstore Vonder

Co van der Horst | Conceptstore Vonder

Co van der Horst, a company specialised in interiors and furnishings, has been providing advice to homes and businesses ...

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Vonder | CILO


CILO stands for 'Collection of Interior and Lifestyle Originals'. It offers a stunning collection of items made with a passion ...

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Vonder | Interior designer Erjan Borren

Erjan Borren

While Erjan Borren enjoys bringing different elements together classic and modern, and combinations of objects ...

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Vonder | designer Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek

The scrapwood cupboard from 1990 was my reaction against the prevalent craving for flawlessness. I wanted to show ...

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Vonder | Designer Hans Olthaar

Hans Olthaar

Hans Olthaar inspires people he sets them thinking. He collaborated with Vonder on the design of their new factory ...

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